This is an organization that has built its foundation on the beliefs of family first and it takes a village to raise a child. When you look at today’s youth it is easy to see core values were lost, forgotten, misunderstood or disregarded altogether. While not all youth fall into this category it led many down a destructive path. At some point we have all made that journey, but it is imperative that our youth hear our stories whether good or bad. We must share our stories to mentor and guide our youth. We can teach our youth to learn from our mistakes.

Many veterans can tell this story many times. Now we bring our DETERMINATION & DEDICATION to the home front. LEADING those that are less fortunate and continuing to mold each and every one regardless of wealth, status, or upbringing to make choices that will positively impact their lives and the lives of others. As military veterans we are not new to mentoring and molding each other; we bring a very unique attention to detail to mentoring that cannot replaced.


To bring an exceptional experience to youth athletics by empowering coaches with
previous athletic experience in football, soccer, track and field, softball, basketball, and
volleyball to share their knowledge and expertise.


Provide a platform for individuals with passion to coach youth athletics in various sports.
To embody the core values: honor, trust, respect, and integrity in every level of youth athletics.
To be the standard we expect our youth athletes to aspire to, to become their
inspiration to do better and be better.
To provide mentorship to every athlete daily in sports, education, and general life experiences.
To follow through, be accountable, and stand by our word in all aspects of life.
Bring together Men and Women who have a passion for coaching and also
incorporate a life of mentoring our Youth.
Mean what you say, and say what you mean. Become Leaders and set the
standards for others to follow in the sports, education, and personally.
When your determination is bigger than your obstacle, anything is possible!